As usual.

Slow and steady as usual. I’ve been putting a lot of energy into helping Seth with a job, getting things around the house to go more smoothly, daily chores, and recently I’ve been browsing the forums at There are a lot of bright individuals over there with quite a bit of good dialogue. I’m also reading some fiction and listening to audio lectures online. (FYI: I’m “ss834″ in the forums)
A lot of intake, not a lot of output.

Okay, I have a big galvanized wash tub to use for outdoor washing… dishes, laundry, whatever. The chickens are doing well. I want to get serious about creating a big run for them and when they are old enough I may recruit Ronnie’s rooster to breed and start some new chicks next spring. Ronnie has also been talking about mating the pygmy goats. Seth says he heard that pygmy milk is no good, but I read the opposite, so I think it’s worth trying.
We’ll get a goat yard set up and maybe take a nanny and her kids. That’ll do it for animals for awhile– goats and chickens were our primary interests. Oh, and the rabbits! We have rabbits and Ronnie has quail.

Other than that I’ve got to get the vegetable bed going. I am thinking about starting with intensive potted veggies and a deep raised bed. I know I need to start small for now, since it is only me, and if some people can do it on 1/10 an acre then I should have no problem growing right off the porch.

The rest of the figs will go in the ground this weekend and that’ll be it for my trees that have needed planting.

The other plants have suffered from the heat wave of the past 3 weeks. Though the chives, the trees, the mint and the wildflowers are still doing well.

I’m going to start some tomato seed this weekend as well and whatever else I already have. My compost is getting pretty nasty and awful. I think I’m either failing miserable or succeeding. Its got grubs of all sorts in there and tons of fire ants because they are everywhere and they get into everything. They eat about half of what I put out there.

… sigh…

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