About dogs, about people

I like to watch the dogs in the yard on a nice day either sprawled out in the sun or soaking up the scents that are swirling around in the crisp, dry air. Unless its an acute, instinctive distraction, Bitsy doesn’t seem at all concerned with anything except the pure pleasure of a brilliant fall afternoon.

We’ve added rabbits to our little entourage. They are the rabbits Seth and I bought with the first notions of homesteading. We thought we’d be raising their offspring for meat, but we left them when we headed back to Virginia and they’ve been in Ronnie’s care since.

Every morning Callum and I go outside to feed the dogs, feed the hens and feed the rabbits. Seeing the little rabbit hutch under the trees at the entrance of the “tallow circle” is strangely fulfilling– like we are well on our way. Callum is learning to feed all the animals, give them water, and handle them gently.

His curiosity is refreshing. Everything is a question: Truck? Bunny? Water? Dog food? We rode into town today and he asked me about all of the vehicles we passed, the backhoe, the bulldozer, the big tractor trailers, cement mixers, cars, pickup trucks. He’s always asking of us to reinforce his understanding of the objects around him. It’s so simple, but such a definitive time in a child’s development. There’s all this room for little errors that may well shape his perception of the world.

It’s windy. Very windy. The front door just fell off. I think it’s time to go.

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3 thoughts on “About dogs, about people”

  1. I just discovered this blog, don’t know how, but I love it. We’re trying to do the same things but haven’t made it that far yet. We’re getting chickens in Spring though!
    Will visit often.

  2. Hi,
    I hope you got your door fixed. Kathy Martin is my niece and she pointed me to your blog. It is very cool. Keep up the good work. I need to get mine going again. I’m working on it this weekend. Take a look at it.

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