A day of rest

By: daBinsi

A day of rest is just as important on the homestead as it is when you’re working a regular job. In fact, sometimes it’s harder to come by.

Because I’m a blogger/author and a homesteader, most of the homesteaders I know are also bloggers. Blogging or writing is a nice release from the typically hard (or just tedious) physical labor involved in farming and gardening, but it also adds something else to keep up with. Your readers won’t wither and die if you forget to feed them new posts, but there’s still a sense of duty to keep updating and providing new information just because it’s nice to share things with people.

Initially, I wanted to stick to my cultural roots and keep Sunday as a day of rest. Lately this just hasn’t been working out. Sundays have become one of my favorite days for improving the new website. In case you didn’t notice, I recently switched from wordpress.com, and most of what you see right now is temporary until I learn more about hosting my own blog. There are so many tools available to help with the blogging and in a way, it is kind of relaxing to just tinker with the digital side of my homestead.

One thing I am working on is finding an easier way to incorporate photos into my posts when I don’t any of my own on-hand. I’ve added a flickr plug-in for my wordpress so that I can quickly pull up relevant photos that are under creative commons licenses. I’m trying it out with this post, but for now it seems like the relevance of the images to my search terms is questionable. Still, I like the rocking chair photo above, and it’s nice that the photo is automatically credited.

I don’t plan to make a habit of it, but for now Sundays seem to be unfolding as a rather pleasant, “light work” kind of day.


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